photo crazy_zpsbe2f636d.gif as of recent I've found myself deep within a paradox, an ending--ending precisely where it began. as I flow beneath this river of concept I find it hard to follow the ebb and flow--the puuuuuussh and pull of each subsequent tide. an elegance was found here in this placcid shoreline of sorts. a reflection, gone far past its limitation--an insect far past ecdycis, cocooned in an effervescent glow--metamorphosed into oblivion. I shed not one tear for those trapped in the wire, nor expect a single tear from those longing to get in. I'm in, and that's all I need to know; and strangely all you need to know as well...however let your questions be your guide.
Gustave Doré

Natal Neptune in the 8th House 
The dreams in which I’m dyingare the best I’ve ever had…”Gary Jules
With Neptune in the 8th house the illusive and oceanic experience infuses with the mystic riches of Scorpio’s kingdom. Two undersea worlds of unconscious treasures crackle poltergeists, sacred mysteries and profound psychic energies that may express through deceptive Neptunian hallucination. The individual is born onto the borderline of life and death and experiences the dissolution of the visible and invisible worlds. They are seduced by suicide or people, sexual experiences and ether that promise obliteration or the loss of lucid perception. 8th house Neptune people are easily hypnotised and dwell between the curtains of everything unseen. They may hear voices of those crossed over and perceive rampant occult symbolism in everyday life. What is real and imaginary erupts in ambiguous Neptune mist, and the individual frequently questions the mysteries of the universe and the afterlife.
Neptune is a sultry lullaby who erupts from hidden subconscious layers promising redemption. In the 8th house of death, the song is suicide, and the individual may experience suicidal thoughts, or a childhood born longing for death. Neptune’s suicide song may lure him home or seduce him into believing death will provide ultimate salvation. Despite holding a  glass of champagne and smiling, the individual may dance and laugh and all the while be dreaming of death. These thoughts and urges can erupt without organic cause and vanish just as mysteriously. Life is experienced in waking dream, and a channel of celestial secrets and knowledge is transmitted to the individual through dreams, music, art, vision, imagery and poetry. Their views on life and death are typically strange, curious or even delusional or dangerously polarized. The individual mostly feels comfortable and intimate with the theme of death, eternal souls and decomposition. They may inherit peculiar heir looms, particularly from unexpected deaths or distant, unheard of relatives. These items may  hold the dust of historical occult energies and resonate closely with the individual. He may be easily taken advantage of in legal, mainstream medical, or financial situations. Medical or psychiatric professionals may struggle with the individual’s evasive symptoms or poorly defined disorder.
During art, dance, sex or intoxication, the individual may transport to higher realms and encase themselves in a world of their own, lost in vivid energy spirals. They can endlessly dwell in mysterious thoughts or contemplation, conversation with higher beings or universal undercurrents. They are liable to lapse into trance states, become unresponsive in sensory overload and give the impression of death. Even when life feels in complete balance, he never quite feels at home on earth, and contemplates urges for otherworldly, infinite experiences. Eighth house skeletons play Neptune pan flutes and conjure mystic rituals, supernatural activity, wild disillusion and watery dreams and desires. He may dance until he lapses into fugue state or swallow vodka until the world resembles infinity. When entranced and hypnotised, he feels defined.
"The Dunwich Horror" by Santiago Caruso
Albert Joseph Moore 1841-1893

(by Adriana Petit)
Glen Orbik, ComicBase 8
Gary Kelley, Clarissa Explains It All
Vicente Segrelles
Jun Suemi (Gen Jun Miya)