photo crazy_zpsbe2f636d.gif as of recent I've found myself deep within a paradox, an ending--ending precisely where it began. as I flow beneath this river of concept I find it hard to follow the ebb and flow--the puuuuuussh and pull of each subsequent tide. an elegance was found here in this placcid shoreline of sorts. a reflection, gone far past its limitation--an insect far past ecdycis, cocooned in an effervescent glow--metamorphosed into oblivion. I shed not one tear for those trapped in the wire, nor expect a single tear from those longing to get in. I'm in, and that's all I need to know; and strangely all you need to know as well...however let your questions be your guide.
Petrified in human desires….
Artwork: “Dryad” by Roderique Arisiaman.
Brigit Wudenka McMullen - Of Lava, Sky and Tears
Wojciech Siudmak - Morning Poem
Emile Aubry (1880-1964), La Voix de Pan - 1925/30
Zdzislaw Beksinski 
Huntress ~ Miles Cleveland Goodwin
The Colossus, Francisco de Goya, 1808
Daren Bader
The Sorcerers cover art by Jeff Jones, 1971