photo crazy_zpsbe2f636d.gif as of recent I've found myself deep within a paradox, an ending--ending precisely where it began. as I flow beneath this river of concept I find it hard to follow the ebb and flow--the puuuuuussh and pull of each subsequent tide. an elegance was found here in this placcid shoreline of sorts. a reflection, gone far past its limitation--an insect far past ecdycis, cocooned in an effervescent glow--metamorphosed into oblivion. I shed not one tear for those trapped in the wire, nor expect a single tear from those longing to get in. I'm in, and that's all I need to know; and strangely all you need to know as well...however let your questions be your guide.
Thor’s Flight by Frank Frazetta, 1968
The swan princess - Mikhail Aleksandrovich Vrubel
Edgar Ende. Im Regen vor der Tür (1954).
by BeyondFlesh
Vampirella Halloween Special 2013 by Joe Jusko
by godbo6
xtc and rot, 1998
by offermoord
Tree of life - Denis Kom